The disruption in business is no surprise to anyone.

It’s easy to see disruption in nearly every aspect of business today; the landscape is changing continuously and rapidly. We see business evolving through changing technologies which can in turn shift consumer behaviours by how they interact with your business and make purchase choices. Greater global competition as nations make their own new advances which is met with increasing consumer demands. There are generational shifts seen, which coincides with a new breed of talent. However sales and service are failing to adapt at the same rate as these changes. In fact, due to the velocity of these advancements they are actually struggling to perform. According to CSO Insights, the research department of Miller Heiman Group®, the percentage of sales people reaching their sales targets has dropped from 63 percent to just 53 percent over a five year timeframe.

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Sales Enablement: A Master Framework to Engage, Equip and Empower a World-Class Sales Force

The essential guide to boosting revenue through smarter selling. Today’s prevailing sales strategies are often based on decades-old practices for bringing products and services to customers. In the age of technology, buyers come fully informed about what you have to offer, how you stack up against the competition and the different options for solving their business challenges. Successful selling demands a new approach to differentiating your offering, engaging customers, and driving profits.

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Business is changing. Therefore we have changed.

Miller Heiman Group has been on its own journey of transformation, from a sales training company to a global leading provider of business performance solutions. This business experience allows us to support the growth of world-class sales and service organisations. We enable that transition by improving positioning and performance in a truly transformative way – and like no one else in the industry. We have the expertise to help companies to adapt to the shifting world of business. What we also offer are the most effective solutions, which enable companies to flourish amidst this disruption.

We have a proud legacy established by employing both the most experienced people in the business and the most trusted solutions in the market. We collaborate only with trusted brands such as AchieveGlobal, ILS and use only the best in solutions like Strategic Selling®, Professional Selling Skills®, Large Account Management Processsm and Conceptual Selling®.

Learn how we improve organisational alignment

We strengthen your sales force – our process ensures you have the right roles, with the right people in them and the correct channels for the appropriate market division.

We ensure you have the proper personnel and partners in place. A key part of this process is having the right incentive programmes to motivate and inspire.

We create the right systems to help you continually assess your organisational operation, as well as tracking individual talent. Additionally we enable you to adapt to the speed of the changing market and keep up with advances in technology; you will move with the business sector as a whole.

Learn how we enhance organisational execution

We improve your service output – providing the world’s best methodology that delivers exceptional organisational execution.

We offer specific skills programmes, general training programmes and the continued reinforcement necessary to be successful. You will have the confidence that you will always deliver on your process with precision.

We provide your sales team with the right content, sector specific suggestions and processes, that not only add value in the sales process but create astucity too.

Only we can help organizations address the disruption in business to deliver world-class performance through our be ready solutions™.

Our Be Ready SolutionsTM are the most efficient and inclusive suite of services on the market – they deliver six capabilities bringing together your sales and service sectors and helping your business to operate impeccably. We support you with world-class consulting services to regulate your organisation, provide leading skills and equip you with methodology programmes to support management performance. Additionally we offer the data so that you may continually assess your organisational performance, that data also examines the individuals who contribute to that. Our Be Ready SolutionsTM will equip you to sell more, provide better service and to deliver world-class results. So whether you have a specific challenge to solve or you want to transform your company we have the right resources for you.

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If you’re looking to deliver world-class performance, want to make sure your sales team are ready to perform in an ever changing business world and would like the opportunity to hear about the disruption in business, then attend one of our workshops in a city near you. We offer public workshops as part of our Be Ready SolutionsTM programme to any professional, in any organisation, regardless of size. The workshops offer practical advice and in depth knowledge, you will strengthen your skills, learn new tools and gain insights that will drive your performance in the future.

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