Markets don't produce revenue. Customers do.

The job of sales professionals is to connect customers with value that matters to them.

But today’s customers demand more from their vendors. Lower prices. Better products. Deeper insights. Improved results. Growth depends on targeting the right customers with the right value, presenting it both expertly and efficiently and delivering the promised results.

The Miller Heiman Group Sales Leadership Series will explore how sales and revenue leaders are equipping their organisations with tools and resources to deliver value.

Event Features:

  • Keynote address from thought leaders within the global sales community.
  • Miller Heiman Group led workshops where you’ll hear first-hand unique methodologies that support successful sales leadership and sales team development.
  • Industry experts offering cutting-edge advice and demonstrating the latest technologies to enhance sales enablement.
  • Networking opportunities with participants from diverse industries, sharing peer driven sales best practices.

This event will equip sales leaders with the latest insight and strategies to improve sales performance.

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