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Our training doesn’t just work, it works with you wherever you are and whenever you want. To understand more about how the all-new Miller Heiman Group Learner Ready solution click on the thumbnails below.

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integrated learning

The same trusted IP. A new way to apply it to your business.

Miller Heiman Group provides established solutions; products like SPIN Selling, Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling and Professional Selling Skills  (PSS) are trusted products that have been around for years. At Miller Heiman Group we appreciate that keeping up to date with how the market develops is critical and in doing so we keep ourselves and our clients ahead of the trend. As part of our development we are reintroducing the way we deliver our products – and in turn the way you experience our solutions.

Watch Aaron Romigh, Chief of Staff, Miller Heiman Group, explain how the all-new Learner Ready™ solution provides the most comprehensive learning on the market today.

I'm ready to be Learner Ready

Advanced learning solutions for an advanced technological world.

The all new Learner Ready solution mirrors the way in which we seek information in our everyday lives, instant, easily accessible from anywhere and straightforward in its delivery. We have evolved our products to work in an adaptable manner to be ready to work with your sellers, and organisation as a whole. There is nothing else like it in the market.

Watch Byron Matthews, President and CEO, Miller Heiman Group, explain the four delivery modalities of the new Learner Ready offering—any combination delivered how you want it, when you need it.

Learner Ready Solutions

The most comprehensive learning models on the market. Choose one, or any combination of all four to build an innovative learning experience that fits your company, your team and your culture.

instructor led training
digital training solutions
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Proven IP + Custom Services

Learning approaches across skill levels, channels and solutions.

With workplaces being more diverse than ever before, it is important to recognise that everyone has their own way of learning. Some prefer instructor led, some want bite-size chunks they can consume in their own time. Other learners want an anywhere, anytime approach. These variables mean that you need a learning platform that can be delivered in many ways. Do not be limited in picking one type of solution; choose a technology that offers you a way to provide all of your staff, across skill sets and preferences, the right approach for them.

Whilst the market is saturated in confusing terminology and offers, the most important thing to remember is that technology can enable a simple solution. Why choose one type of learning that must fit across your business if it is possible to access all types of learning. New technology does not mean getting rid of current methodologies within your team, you have the flexibility to create a perfectly succinct way of learning.

Instructor Led

  • World’s most proven, results-focused content for all experience levels and sales situations.
  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, not just sales trainers.
  • Real-world applied learning.
  • Collaborative experiences.
  • Leave with real, executable plans for most important deal pursuits.
  • Ideal for face-to-face collaboration and skill practice.
  • Hands-on sales performance, customer experience, and leadership & management workshops available to professionals worldwide.
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  • Micro-learning modules designed to increase understanding and retention.
  • Uniquely designed animation, proven through research to drive memory recall.
  • 50 percent of content delivered using interactive media to better engage the learner.
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any electronic or mobile device.
  • Ideal for geographically dispersed audiences with limited travel ability.
  • Well suited for giving learners flexibility of when and where they learn.
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  • Unique platform integrates all forms of content and IP.
  • Mobile-ready access.
  • Collaborative, applied learning, leverages interaction with peers and managers.
  • Provides collaborative, applied learning and gamification that heightens engagement.
  • Powerful learning platform allows for integration of unique client content, onboarding, product training and accreditation programs.
  • Ideal for global scalable training initiatives.
  • Learning experience meets the needs of all types of learners.
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  • Iterative design capabilities allow for focused reinforcement to address learning gaps.
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access.
  • Provides insight to management for coaching.
  • Tied to sales enablement tools and planning processes in CRM.
  • Just-in-time reinforcement for on-the-go professionals.
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Learning that is always ready

Research shows that within one hour people forget an average of 50% of information that has just been presented. Within 24 hours that goes up to 70%. At a week 90% of that knowledge is lost. The solution? Reinforcing best practices by tying learning to real life. Expanding long term recall by creating reinforcement experiences. The reinforcement can be delivered on the go for those professionals that are not desk bound. As selling evolves so must the technology that supports it.

learner ready

Creating a truly unique learning experience for our clients that helps sellers learn more and sell more is highly reflective of the New Innovative Miller Heiman Group. We now have the most comprehensive learning solution to reach and engage sellers—far beyond any other training delivery platform in the market today. And it’s all because we want to create a cutting-edge learning experience that meets the dynamic needs of every organisation.

Byron Matthews, President and CEO, Miller Heiman Group

Experience the new experience.

This solution package really is about you and your business. Ensuring you have the learning you need, when you need it. Register for one of our public workshops to gain a better understanding of our solutions and delivery. Or contact us directly, we would welcome a conversation to talk you through the new model.

I'm ready to be Learner Ready