Negotiation Skills and Professional Skills Training

Team members who do not understand the needs of their clients? Crucial gaps in the preparation of client meetings? Is communication with the client lacking a decisive and focused manner?

Professional Selling Skills (PSS) training makes sure sales teams are equipped with the functional skills to stay one step ahead of competitors. The course will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales staff. Miller Heiman understands that to provide world-class service to clients every team member must be a high performance sales professional.

Miller Heiman’s Professional Selling Skills two-day workshop will provide proven results to transform sales teams. PSS will ensure the development of the required skills and tools to deliver goal-driven client based discussions that produce real rewards. Attendees will be taught the know-how to fully understand the requirements of the client. The course will demonstrate how to go beyond surface level and delve deeper into the client’s demands, with PSS training we explore the need, behind the need. The PPS method will teach useful questioning techniques that help with more problematic communication, such as dealing with objections and clearing up misunderstandings. Participants will also learn how to confidently close customer talks in a targeted manner.

PSS training will not only benefit the sales employee who attends the workshop, it will advance the productivity of the entire company. The sales lead will be better placed to understand new business and assess the sales potential in a more time effective way, therefore using time in a more efficient manner. Time efficiency and a more sophisticated sales approach will transform an employee into a stronger team member. By strengthening individual team members you improve team cohesion and overall team performance.

PSS training will:

  • Develop strong, sales lead, goal driven communication skills
  • Provide the skills to structure client talks
  • Instil result proven questioning techniques
  • Expand employee’s ability to fully understand client need
  • Improved cooperation of sales team
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