Strategic Selling

Want a more confident and knowledgeable sales team to win substantial deals? Have an experienced member of staff who needs guidance on a better structure in leading complex sales meetings?

Sales meetings are crucial in the fostering of relationships with a customer, reinforcing status as a supplier and the quick turnaround from prosperous potential to a done deal. Sales staff should not be intimidated by intensive sales talks rather see them as an opportunity to establish their status as a knowledgeable, astute and trusted associate to their client.

Strategic Selling optimises the results of a sales force by presenting staff with the knowledge of how to showcase their sales acumen. Strategic Selling is about taking a consistent, structured approach during sales talks, to improve the chances of securing complex and lucrative business. Miller Heiman Strategic Selling teaches how a sales force can use established and advantageous methods, both in the planning and execution of meetings with clients.

Extensive planning for important sales meetings is imperative; a blue sheet will give preparation the structure it needs. The employment of a blue sheet directs the user to the good practice of the questioning technique of ‘why questions’. ‘Why questions’ give a better understanding of the desired outcome from the meeting with the client, which is as important as an insight into the client’s needs. Understanding their own needs within the deal will boost confidence, which in turn will improve the customer’s confidence in the process, helping to establish the seller’s status.

The questions that need to be answered are – Who do you want to sell to? What do you want to sell? What is the turnaround time to closure? What price and turnover do you want from the deal? These questions give sales talks a focus, which then enables the context of the talk to develop through the analysis of outside variables.

Analysis must be researched and interpreted from three groups:

Competitor analysis – Investigate what the competitors are doing and what is happening in the relevant market. This important market research will aid the sales lead in explaining to the client why they may need to purchase certain products to keep themselves as principal players in the market.

Client analysis – This is the characteristics of the client/s, their roles in the buying process and what they could influence during the selling process. Always take into account what the individuals involved in the deal may have as their own vested interest, their personal attitude to buying and how they may personally frame operational benefit.

Customer analysis – Look at the customer as a whole not just those directly involved in the deal. Take time to fully understand the business structure, including who and what are key purchase influencers.

By combining these elements it allows for an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the sale, and any critical arguments that may arise. In using these Strategic Selling skills, sales teams will be able to evaluate the potential success of the sale. Sales that can be won quickly can be moved forward and those that will take more time can be put aside for future development. Learning these skills will mean time is spent efficiently in planning to then enable strategic, smart selling.

The benefits of Strategic Selling are:

  • Substantial time saving and efficiency
  • Ability to obtain a more precise prognosis
  • Improved sales success rate
  • Strengthening sales analysis skills
  • Encourages a better understanding of the client which helps moving the relationship forward
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