Most organizations recognize that customer service is integral to the survival and success of their organization and requires customer relations training.

Without a customer-oriented workforce, the customer experience is negative and many customers walk right to your competition.

Even though senior-level leadership understands this, it’s hard to enact long-term cultural change without the engagement and support of the other levels of leadership and their teams. And while you can chart the direction of customer-oriented change from above, you must grow it from below through effective coaching.

Customer-oriented organizations consistently identify four areas that are foundational for effective coaching. Coaching to be Service Ready is an online customer service training course that focuses on those areas:

Module 1: Creating a Customer-Oriented Culture

Learn how to grow your leadership skills using six guidelines for building trust and motivating for positive effort, while unlocking your employees’ internal motivation with three motivational keys. Also learn to guide your team toward your objectives with a structured process for setting results-oriented, motivating goals.

Module 2: Delivering Results-Oriented Feedback

In this module, you’ll learn to have successful, effective feedback conversations. To give and receive feedback in ways that promotes improved performance and maintains constructive relationships. You’ll also learn to support members of your team’s internal motivation for meeting customer expectations, while improving their performance by helping them find personal benefits in organizational structure and self-generated solutions.

Module 3: Developing Talent (Coming in 2017)

Learn how to tap into each employee’s desire to develop new skills and increase competence in existing skills that relate to their role and contribute to the team’s success.

Module 4: Using Rewards and Recognition Effectively (Coming in 2017)

Learn how to use rewards and recognition in ways that support and empower motivation.