For many of your customers, field service reps are the face of your company.

Teach them the critical customer service skills that will make them confident, comfortable and the best business ambassadors possible.

Service Ready for Field Services is specifically designed for technology-based industries that need learning flexibility. You’ll learn through a series of self-paced online modules.

Modules in the Service Ready for Field Services online training include:

Module 1: Inspiring Confidence

Learn to project confidence through verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills to increase customer buy-in and cooperation. This turns customers into partners as resolutions are put in place for their challenges and issues.

Module 2: Watching for Clues

You’ll learn to “read” and interpret customer responses by examining their body language and tone of voice. This allows you to optimize your response, set appropriate expectations and enhance your ability to clearly define the scope of the work order.

Module 3: Developing an Exit Strategy

When you can’t deliver on a customer request, a healthy partnership will drive a good negotiation process. This module will teach you how to partner with customers, provide alternatives and secure their satisfaction. These skills help you manage “scope creep,” where customers try to get more work than what was originally requested.

Module 4: Dialing Down the Tension

Building rapport and staying focused under pressure is key to defusing emotional situations and calming upset customers. This module will teach you how to reduce escalations, resolve emotional situations and rebound quickly from challenging customer interactions while maintaining a great attitude.

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