When you offer complex products, technology, software or hardware, technical support is a requirement.

Undoubtedly, your reps understand your products and have the necessary technical skills. That’s only half of the solution. They need to understand your customers.

Service Ready for Technical Support trains your entire staff, from entry-level customer service reps to seasoned pros, in essential soft skills and customer aptitudes. These are the key factors in increasing key metrics like customer satisfaction. This is our core technical service course that’s delivered through a series of self-paced online modules.

Modules in the online Service Ready for Technical Support training series include:

Module 1: Winning Their Trust

Building rapport and considering your service from your customer’s perspective is key to winning trust. This module teaches you how to project confidence through verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills to increase customer buy-in and cooperation. From effective language to using the right tone and non-verbal body language to communicate effectively. Ultimately turning customers into partners in the solutions to their technical issues.

Module 2: Curating the Conversation

Curating a conversation is where skill meets art. In this module, you’ll learn to define the issue, set appropriate expectations, keep the discussion focused, ensure the customer remains updated and provide added value to the customer whenever possible. From going the extra mile to updating and satisfying the customer to confirming that understanding and defining appropriate customer calibration points.

Module 3: Negotiating a Solution

When you can’t deliver on a customer request, this module will teach you how to partner with customers, provide alternatives, convey the benefits of their suggestions and secure their satisfaction. This module will teach you how to focus on what you can do, provide alternatives that are in your customer’s best interest and professionally saying no when you can’t fulfill a request. The end goal is you work more efficiently with your customers.

Module 4: Keeping It Cool

This module teaches you how reduce escalations, defuse emotional situations and rebound quickly from challenging customer interactions. From staying focused under pressure to understanding how to calm escalating situations—the best relationships are built when you can bounce back from challenging situations while maintain a great attitude.