Predictive Assessments

Three quarters of all world-class sales performers state that their employer assesses all candidates with the use of a standardised assessment tool, according to research carried out by CSO Insights. Here at Miller Heiman Group, we offer a range of hiring and placement solutions, providing organisations with the right talent assessment tools

These tools range from interview-based solutions, using established external benchmarks for a variety of different roles, through to online surveys, which serve to compare your own team to the profiles of top performers.

Talent Capabilities Quotient

The Talent Capabilities Quotient is an assessment that can be used prior to making a hire, in order to aid with the selection of candidates. Essentially, it can be used to better understand the tendencies and capabilities of your top performers, allowing for a more comprehensive screening process. 

Making use of the Talent Capabilities Quotient will allow you to: 

  • Pinpoint the traits that best predict success for various roles in your organisation;
  • Prioritise internal and external candidates who possess these qualities;
  • Identify employees that have the greatest potential for future success;
  • Gain insight into candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and learning styles;
  • Reduce ramp-up times and improve sales coaching programs.

Suitability of Predictive Assessments

For sales managers and other leaders within an organisation, predictive assessments can be extremely beneficial, helping to reduce costs associated with poor recruitment choices and slow ramp up times, while assisting with sales performance measurement and employee development efforts. 

In particular, predictive assessments can be well-suited if your business wants to: 

  • Make smarter recruitment decisions;
  • Reduce staff turnover rates;
  • Improve onboarding and ramp-up times;
  • Ascertain the key characteristics of top performers;
  • Boost employee engagement;
  • Understand the qualities needed for leadership roles;
  • Expand the organisation with the help of qualified employees.

Ways Organisations Can Benefit

  • More confidently place employees in roles where their qualities show the prospects of achieving success;
  • Make use of tools to help guide employees towards positions that suit their capabilities and competencies;
  • Gain access to a range of high-quality, insight-driven hiring and placement solutions.

In addition to these more general benefits for sales organisations, our predictive assessment solutions can also help sales managers and senior leaders within your organisation to: 

  • Assess the capabilities of top performers for benchmarking purposes;
  • Gain clarity into why people succeed and fail within specific roles;
  • Optimise questions and assessments carried out prior to making hires;
  • Improve the focus and direction of post-hire sales coaching programs;
  • More carefully manage mergers and acquisitions, using a scientific approach.