Skills Gap Analysis

In any sales organisation, top performers are separated from average salespeople by the skills and knowledge they possess, but also by their characteristics, behaviours and thought processes. While skills and knowledge can be taught, these characteristics cannot, and we believe these innate qualities matching up with an organisation’s objectives, core values and actions is what really defines true sales talent. 

This lack of clarity over the difference between teachable skills and personality traits is one of the reasons why businesses often struggle to generate the desired ROI from their sales skills development efforts. At Miller Heiman Group, we place an emphasis on defining exactly what “great sales talent” means within the context of your organisation, using top performers’ strengths as the baseline for internal and external recruitment decisions. 

Staff turnover within the sales industry is approximately twice that of other industries, while around two-thirds of sales organisations believe they need to improve their recruitment processes. These statistics highlight the need for more robust talent assessment solutions, allowing sales leaders to more accurately determine potential, suitability and overall capabilities, while eliminating the substantial costs associated with poor hires. 

Ultimately, it is imperative that businesses and sales leaders are able to gain insight into the potential of candidates. After all, if talent does not possess the kind of potential necessary to achieve success, even the best professional selling skills programs will fail to produce the expected and required results, leading to wasted investment. 

SkillMap Capabilities Quotient (SMCQ)

The SkillMap Capabilities Quotient, or SMCQ, is a 180° skills assessment, which can be used to pinpoint the qualities and skill gaps that exist within a workforce. It allows organisation to identify the critical skills that define success within your organisation, from targeting through to Key Account Management

Using SMCQ will allow you and your business to: 

  • Reveal the capabilities of your sales force, by quantifying employees’ skills and detecting areas where development efforts need to be focused or targeted;
  • Utilise assessment findings to optimise training investment and facilitate better coaching conversations;
  • Ascertain the skills that best predict or determine success in your organisation;
  • Gather the data necessary to inform personal development planning.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Online talent assessment and quantification 

  • Define the skills that are essential for sales and service success in your organisation;
  • Optimised instruments for sales management and sales professionals;
  • Support for the selection of both internal and external candidates.

Assessing the capabilities of current employees 

  • Connect skills, behaviours and characteristics with business results;
  • Set a benchmark for skill implementation;
  • Analyse capabilities to identify, develop and track sales opportunities;
  • Target and measure development progress;
  • Assess skills related to account or relationship management and development.